Vegan? Bish whet?! 

So, a little over a month ago I made the conscious decision to transition into a vegan lifestyle. Literally, changed my life! I never really decided to change for weight loss. I decided to change because I just wanted to feel and actually be HEALTHY. No, just changing what you ingest will turn your life around 360. It’s honestly just a step. Since I’m a “Vegan Baby” still, I can’t really give you all the ins and outs, but I’ll definitely keep you all updated on my progress in the months to come.​​


The Intro…


This is -real life- my first blog! I am so happy to be able to introduce myself to a world of new people. This is MY PLATFORM which will allow me to be as real and genuine as possible….MANNNNN if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will!

I’m a person whose mind is always running, thinking or coming up with some idea (cockamamie or realistic.. just depends on the day). My blog will consist of all of that and much more! I’m just an average girl serving average realness to 1000 girls JUST LIKE ME…that’s it.

A little bit about me

  1. I’m normal AF AF AF
  2. I’m a proud 2x HBCU graduate
  3. I’m notoriously single *pours another glass of wine*
  4. I’ve lived in FLA all of my natural-born life
  5. I have a slight shopping addiction even though my wallet protests
  6. In July of 2017, I made the conscious decision to transition into becoming vegan because bacteria filled fecal-matter infested food just doesn’t do it for me anymore…I’m not judging you though, sis!
  7. I stan for Beyonce, Debbie Allen and Issa Rae #GetOnBoard
  8. Music soothes me in every sense of the word… S O O T H E S  me
  9. I’m actively working on lessening my fear of things that are new to me
  10. I’m already your best friend =)